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Shockey Family Bear Hunt

Posted by: Jim Shockey
Just saw two bears one second ago on our way back to camp ... had a great day today. Took Len and Hal out and Eva. We saw 10 different bears. Len got a beautiful boar. Eva didn't shoot one, she could have shot one, but it actually climbed a tree. And we didn't want to shoot it because that would have been not good. But Hal and Len were going crazy saying "that's the perfect shot."
Len had some technical difficulties, I think, the first bear that he shot at the bullet deflected off a branch and hit like three feet off to one side. The other guys, Brian Wojo saw 21 bears today. Freddie had a little slower day with Gregg Ritz. They apparently went after a couple but wind blew them out. 
We got the measurements from the two bears that Mike Baker with Cannon Safe got the other day with me. 20 and 8 (sixteenths) and 20 and 6 (sixteenths), so it's the first time in our history of this outfit that we got two 20's in one day by one guide, me! And big 20's too. So we're thrilled about that. The one squared nearly 8 feet and the other one is just shy of that ... monster bears! So that was a fantastic bit of news. Although the other guides when I walked in had their heads hung down pretty low and were moping, and I, of course, once I found out how big they were, I gloated. Thank goodness for them I'm so humble.
The Next Day ...
Today was another great day. We saw 17 different bears. Eva was my hunter. We had a riot all day. We made probably six different stalks on bears. Got really close to three or four of them. Just total bad luck at the last second. We were waiting for just the right perfect broadside shot. We had them facing us at 30 yards, had them sort of turned at 25 yards, almost walk out at 60 yards, wind changed. All kinds of bad luck otherwise we would have got a good bear today for sure. We got tons of good footage.
Louise came out with us today. First time she's ever come out hunting with me in 20 years. She saw some really pretty sights today. Giant trees and she was amazed at how beautiful it is out here. I know Brian was onto a real big one, I guess it was just a monster. It needed to take one more step to be clear for Bart Rue his hunter to get a shot with his bow and arrow.
This morning we had a shooting contest with Gregg Ritz's Horton crossbow. Hal and Len shot it, and Louise shot it, and I shot it. Hal shot at the BLOCK target perfect in the heart at 20 yards, then he shot it again at 40 yards and his third shot he took with it was 64 yards right into the heart. That's Hal at 83 years old, never shot a crossbow in his life. Len shot perfect at 20 really good shot at 40 and then a little bit out of the vitals at 64. Louise tried her first shot at 64 and didn't do real good. Then we explained to her what the deal was with the crosshairs, and her next shot was perfect right in the vitals, and then I shot, too, and right in the heart area. It was really cool. Those Horton crossbows are so much fun.


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