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My Muzzleloader is in Jail!!

Posted by: Jim Shockey

Was not allowed into Sweden with my muzzleloader. Apparently the .50 caliber is considered a military firearm and so they "arrested" my Endeavor and let Matt and I into Sweden. So now I have to hunt with a high power rifle provided by the Swedish outfitter and frankly I am not impressed. There were many ways to deal with this issue if I would have been told of the problem months ago, but was not. So now my muzzleloader is in jail and we are headed to northern Sweden to hunt moose and reindeer. The Swedish authorities have promised to release my muzzleloader into my custody, when I leave Sweden.

Military?? Maybe back in 1870!!!!
Two days earlier ...
Had a great evening yesterday. Went out got into the stand by about 9 o'clock and waited for the wolves until 1 a.m. A couple of wolves showed up. I wouldn't use night vision; that's how they hunt them. They are predation tags. They shoot 20 wolves a year. There are 200 in this big pack that kill goats and sheep and pigs ... here in Macedonia. I would use a spotlight, but they didn't have spotlight, just flashlights. So when they turned on the flashlight, I could barely, barely see them in the scope, even with my fancy Leupold. And then the guy with the flashlight couldn't see them, so I was just about to squeeze off and then he lost the animals. There were two of them. So we turned it off. One of them came back in ... an ancient, ancient old male. This time the guy held the light. I could barely see it in the scope, but made a perfect shot. Dropped him right there. We were thrilled.
Today we went out to do some filming in another part of Macedonia. Matt got to shoot a wild boar on camera, and we got great footage of it. Wolf ended up scoring 15, which will put it near top and my chamois scored 28, both will be world record for muzzleloader. Saw Alexander the Great's father's home town and tomorrow we're flying to Sweden.

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