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Potterfield's Go 1-For-2 on Moose

Posted by: Jim Shockey

Reporting again by satellite phone from the beautiful, remote Yukon to tell you that we had a great hunt with the Potterfield's. Larry, a dedicated trophy hunter, decided to pass on a number of good bulls and didn't fill his tag. He set his standards high, and, to his credit, didn't back off of those standards despite plenty of opportunities to do so.

On the one hand, I failed as a guide because Larry goes home with an empty tag, but on the other, it wasn't for lack of effort or opportunity at good, representative bulls in the 60-inch class. Larry wanted a true monster, and we just didn't find that kind of bull for him. His son, Russ, took a giant 67-inch bull early in our hunt; so I don't blame Larry for wanting to find another one in that same class.

One day we looked into a valley and saw 15 moose, including five bulls, four of them were big, pushing 60 inches. But no giants. Just about every day we saw mature bulls, and caribou everywhere. The bottom line is that the Potterfield's are going home happy, and I got to know those fellows a lot better. I have a ton of respect for what they've accomplished in business with Battenfeld Technologies, Midway and the brand that sponsors our "Hunting Adventures" show, Caldwell. SMART guys! And now I know they're good, hard-core, dedicated big game hunters as well.

The moose count from our camps so far is four big bulls ... a 67 (Russ Potterfield's bull), a 63, 62 and 61. It's just gorgeous here, did I say that already? The colors are changing, we had our first snow the other day, there are lots of caribou, and we're having a blast.

Cody comes in to my camp now, and he and I are going to go WAY out from the base camp to a couple of spike camps that we have set up a LONG way away. Going to try to get a couple of TV shows with he and I and a couple of guides.

Can't wait to go rough it out there. Had my first shower in 12 days, so I'm ready to go rough it again! I didn't think that I smelled, but the other guys in camp disagreed.

Oh, I know that I've said this before, but my Jim Shockey Signature ARGO's are incredible. Hate to brag, but these machines are worth bragging about. We took them right to the TOP of some of the mountains. It's amazing the power that they have. It seems like there is no stopping them. Thank you ARGO! I'm glad that they're a sponsor of our show and that we're able to utilize these tanks here in our camps. Beats horses!!

And for more shameless self-promotion, you can buy your own Signature ARGO right here on my site in the SHOPPING area!

That's all for now. I'll call in with a report from the Jim and Cody adventure in a few days. Stay tuned!

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