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Big Moose, Bumbling and Stumbling!!

Posted by: Jim Shockey

The sun's just gone down and we have a great big giant moose on the ground! He has big filled-in pans, 6 by 5 on the brows, 61 probably 62 inches wide, beautiful! We saw five mature bulls today, all had cows with them and we didn't mess with any of them until we saw this one which was just huge. We made a big long sneak probably a mile on him, got within 40 yards of one of his cows we bumped into. She stood up, I used my paddle up in the air and made some grunts (to look and sound like another moose) and for two hours she stayed there and watched us. She'd bed, then stand up, and I'd have to use my paddle (so she wouldn't spook). Then as the sun started to go down, you could hear him get up and slop around in the water just beyond here where couldn't see. Then he raked, so I raked with the paddle and he came over the hill grunting and heading toward us at 20 yards no more. I was at 6 power, like what an amateur, all I could see was black, so I had to wait, then I forgot to pull the hammer back, yanked the trigger, it's all on camera. I look like a complete idiot. Did it again and shot him. It went to complete smoke, so we couldn't see what happened, so I ran out to the side, wiped out, went face-first right onto the ground. Cody got all that on camera too! What a tinkerbell! I was wound up and totally haywire. It was unbelievable and so exciting. We're just starting to clean him now. We'll be here til probably about 3 in the morning. We've got a tent set up right beside us now. We'll shut down our tent city camp. David Kennedy is coming on the 15th. Saw lots of caribou bulls and lots of moose. Fantastic beautiful, we're in the middle of my favorite valley on earth! (The Next Day) ... Made it back into main camp a couple of hours ago. Closed down tarp city camp already for next year. It's all in three 45-gallon barrels with lids that are locked to make them bear-proof. I have the day off tomorrow before David Kennedy comes, so I'm going to have a shower! Yahoo! The ARGO's are working magnificently. We had to cross the river again on our way back and got swept away again. We started taking water in the back end because we were loaded so heavily with the moose. Thank goodness for the Argos being amphibious and floating. Amazing adventure! The Otter came in and picked up all of my moose meat and took off. My moose will be hanging in a cooler by this evening after being alive and walking around less than 24 hours ago. You could never do that with horses. Thanks Argo! Our moose meat is so well taken care of the conservation guys took some photos yesterday showing how moose meat should be taken care of. We're so picky and careful about it. Our guide Stan Ballard guided to a monster moose yesterday. They say it's 69 inches wide with all of the riggin! A great, fantastic moose that I can't wait to see. I'll check in when David and I start hunting in a couple days!!

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