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67-Inch Bull Moose for Russ Potterfield!

Posted by: Jim Shockey

Coming to you by satellite phone from a spike camp here in the mountains of the Yukon!

About five days ago we made it to our spike camp that Wojo and Saskatchewan Jim set up for us a couple of weeks ago in an area that I've always dreamed of having a spike camp. Well, when we got there it was torn to bits by a grizzly bear. We had a wall tent and everything, but now we're calling it our "tarp city" camp. We left Len the guide in charge of camp and getting things repaired, and Jim B and I headed back to base camp to pick up the Potterfields (Russ and Larry) who own Battenfeld Technologies (Caldwell) one of our excellent TV show sponsors.

Been seeing lots of caribou, but it's hot and sunny, too hot. Picking up caribou sheds and finding grizzly and wolf tracks.

The Potterfields arrived, and the next morning we loaded the four of us, and all of our camp stuff and food into the Argos and made the six-hour trip back to spike camp. Len was all excited. Before we got here he saw three cow moose, then saw a caribou run right by in camp, then two minutes later a big gray wolf came running by, then another wolf came and sat down and stared at him right in camp. We saw one bull moose on our way to spike camp.

We unloaded everything and headed up to get in behind a mountain range that I've wanted to hunt for past three years. As soon as we got to the top, we saw a dozen to 15 different cows, then Larry spotted a monster bull about three miles away on a mountain. It was getting late, but I was 95 percent sure we were going to get him. We only had a pup tent, so we would have had to spend the night up by the moose if we got him, but we went after him anyway. I blew it, though. I was too aggressive. We went up and tried to force him to stand up, and we were just outside of shooting range. He got up at 200 yards (I thought he was closer on the blind stalk) and he took off. Monster. Big folded pans, 5x5 on front ... We got down just at dark, fire going in our tarp city camp. We'll have a big meal and get up at 5 a.m. to go hunting!

The Next Evening ...

We're sitting on top of a mountain doing our moose quartering! We just got a monster, 67 inches ... just a hog. The bull was with five different bulls. This one came right at us when we grunted. I found an old caribou skull and antlers, and was raking with that and grunting and he came right in, 60 yards, perfect, all on camera. Russ made a great shot, and the bull only went about 30 yards.

We saw two huge caribou bulls this morning, both right at the B&C minimum, but we didn't go after them because we were going after moose. We didn't find the same one from yesterday, But this one is a monster. We made about a mile stalk, fantastic hunts. We'll have pictures for the Web site soon!!

It's gorgeous here, did I already say that?!

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