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Jim's  Adventures
1_Jim's Adventures (37 albums, 736 photos) There are LOTS of albums within featuring many of Jim's adventures worldwide.
2011 Hal and Len
2011 Hal and Len (10 photos) Hal and Len from Bear Camp and Saskatchewan.
2012 Congo
2012 Congo (50 photos) Jim travels to the Congo in search of dwarf forest buffalo, bongo and more.
2012 Namibia with Jim and Eva
2012 Namibia with Jim and Eva (2 albums) Jim and Eva travel different parts of Namibia
2013 Desert Shootout
2013 Desert Shootout (8 photos) A few photos from the Desert Shootout fundraiser for military vets hunts.
Afghanistan Meet the Troops 2012
Afghanistan Meet the Troops 2012 (158 photos) Jim and friends visited the Canadian and American troops in Afghanistan in July.
Argentina (50 photos) Big game and wing shooting in Argentina
Australia - Northern Territory 2013
Australia - Northern Territory 2013 (18 photos) Jim, Eva and Louise travel to Australia's Northern Territory along with videographer Todd in July of 2013.
Bombazi - Africa Plains Game
Bombazi - Africa Plains Game (92 photos) Game from our plains game ranch in the eastern Cape of South Africa
New Zealand
New Zealand (10 photos) Hunting on the South Island of New Zealand for tahr and red stag