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South African plains game – see trophy fees below for full list of animals available.


South Africa HuntsThis hunt takes place outside of East London in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This 10,000 acre ranch was specifically selected for the combination of beautiful property, outstanding accommodations and top quality trophy animals. The property will not be over hunted to maintain this excellent trophy quality and will be booked exclusively by small family parties and groups of friends to maintain its intimate nature. Non-hunting guests are not only allowed, but encouraged to come on this adventure and enjoy bird watching, game viewing and artifact exploration right on the ranch. There is no dangerous game on the ranch, so guests can wander freely without concern for dangerous animals. If guests want to investigate nearby game parks to see the Big 5 and other animals not located on the ranch, this can be arranged at an additional cost. This is also generally a malaria and disease free part of South Africa, so all you need to do is make sure you have a current passport and you are ready to go (please contact your local physician for specific immuization advise).

Lodging and Food

South Africa HuntsThe lodging is modern and comfortable with running water, electricity, etc. as well as internet access. Guests will stay in private rooms with attached private bathrooms and enjoy home cooking each day. Guests do not need to bring many clothes as laundry will be done daily. Meals will be prepared each morning and evening and hunters will typically take a field lunch with them and eat in the field.

Terrain and Hunting Style

The ranch contains a wide variety of terrain ranging from fairly flat and open to quite steep and thick. Some of the species such as blesbuck, black wildebeest and red hartebeest tend to stay out in the open and can be hunted without much physical exertion. Other species such as kudu and nyala tend to stay in the thick, hilly areas and you’ll have a much better chance of taking these trophies if you are physically able to navigate in this kind of terrain. The guide will pace himself to your speed, but you do need to get yourself up some fairly steep grades once in awhile and cover ground that is uneven in many cases. Spending some time before your trip walking up and down the nearest hills you can find will pay great dividends once you arrive for your safari. Archers will have the option of hunting from a variety of strategically placed ground blinds or spotting and stalking their trophies. Also, a pair of good hiking boots with strong ankle support will be invaluable when hunting these areas - we highly recommend you buy a good pair and break them in before your safari.


Depending on the time of year you come to Africa, the temperature can vary widely. During the season that most hunters will plan their safari (April – September) you should be prepared for everything from temperatures hovering around 30 degrees in the morning all the way up to the mid 70’s during the day. Dark or camo colored layers of clothing that can be removed as the day warms up are ideal as are good hiking boots (see above). You don’t need to bring a lot of clothes as laundry is done every single day by the camp staff. Once you send us your deposit, a complete list of gear will be sent to you.

South Africa HuntsTravel

Once you book your trip with us, we can assist you with all the details of booking flights and hotels required for the inbound and outbound trip. Depending on your arrival time into Johannesburg and your connection to East London, you may need to arrange for an overnight stay in Johannesburg. Our travel agent will assist you in booking this room as well as transportation to and from a hotel. The cost for this transportation as well as the cost of the hotel will be determined precisely when you book your hunt.

All hunters and guests must have a current passport with 6 months remaining before expiration. Additionally, your passport must have four blank pages available for visas (this does not include the last four pages that are reserved for amendments and endorserments). If your passport doesn’t meet these criteria, has expired or you have never owned a passport, you should start the process as early as possible as it can take a very long time.

Guns and Ammunition

Depending on the game you plan to hunt, everything from a .243 Win to a .375 H&H could be used (30 lb Dukier to 2000 lb Cape Eland). That being said a flat shooting rifle in the .300 magnum class is a great all around choice when used with premium ammunition. Before coming to Africa we highly recommend that you practice at distances up to 200 yards shooting from a portable tripod or bipod as that is what your PH will be carrying for you in the field. Hunting will be spot and stalk, so don’t count on being able to use a solid rest that would be available in blind based hunting. Gun rental is available for $125 including ammunition (.30-06 with Leupold scope).

Gun Importation

Once we receive your deposit check, we will give you all the information you need to know regarding bringing your gun or bow in and out of South Africa. In order to expedite this process, we use a professional service that handles your guns through the South African police station upon arrival. Our travel agent will assist you with all these details when planning your trip. There are no special considerations or requirements for bringing a bow to South Africa outside of the normal regulations established by your airline for traveling with a bow.


Hunting is available all year except Nov 15th – March 1st when the animals are having their young. Dates from April 1st through May 31st are reserved exclusively for archers, although archers are also welcomed during the remainder of the season. Choice of dates is determined by the date your deposit is received.

Additional Considerations

  • When travelling long distances such as the flight required for this trip, you may want to speak with your doctor regarding sleeping medication.
  • We have a variety of touring packages available that non-hunting guests can attend (at extra cost) while the hunters are in the field. If you are interested in these activities, please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements for transportation, guides, park entries, etc. We also have the ability to coordinate touring, sightseeing and photographic safaris before or after your trip. Please let us know if you have interests along these lines and we will put you in touch with people that specialize in these areas.
  • Meat from your trophies cannot be brought home to the United States or Canada. Some of the meat will be consumed by your party in camp and the rest will be distributed by Bombazi to various local sources. In any case, you can be assured to none of it will go to waste.

Getting your trophies home

Your trophy will be caped and salted in camp for a shoulder mount and delivered to either a taxidermist or “dip and pack” operation before coming back to the United Sates or Canada. If you desire a full body mount there will be an extra charge for caping which will be determined on a case by case basis. There are a number of options to consider regarding trophy preparation which we will discuss with you after you send a deposit, but one important thing to keep in mind is that you need to budget a fairly significant amount of money for shipping and customs importation fees. This is true whether you have your taxidermy done in South Africa or simply have the capes “dipped and packed” for return to your taxidermist. Prices vary greatly depending on the number of trophies taken and the final destination in North America, but it is wise to budget at least $1500 for this service plus the actual taxidermy.

Cost (VAT Included in Daily Rates)

  • Daily rates for 1x1 hunters are $465/day
  • Daily rates for 2x1 hunters are $370/day
  • Daily rates for non hunting guests are $225/day for observers accompanying a hunter
  • Daily rates for non hunting guests are $465/day for the first observer, $225/day for additional observers (up to 3 observers)
  • Children 12 and under are $150/day
  • There is an additional charge of $450 per group (up to 5 passengers) for drop off and pick up at the East London airport


A 50% deposit for daily rates are required to hold dates. The remaining 50% is due 90 days before the start of your trip. All deposits are non-refundable for any reason. Requests for date changes once deposits have been paid will only be honored solely at our discretion and are subject to a 10% processing fee. Trophy fees must be paid in full for animals taken before leaving the property.


All deposits and balances paid are completely non-refundable in whole or in part for any reason including but not limited to: illness, injury, flight delays, unforeseen loss of income, early departure, late arrival, business emergencies, family emergencies, etc. Please also be aware that any animal that is injured in any way is considered fatal and will be charged at full price.


All lodging, food and beverages while on the ranch (including alcohol in moderation), professional hunting guides, trackers, skinners, field preparation of animals. Horseback riding, nature walks and game viewing/photography for non-hunting guests.

Not included

Commercial flights to East London airport, any accommodations or food before arrival at the Bombazi ranch, trophy fees (see below), dip and pack of trophies, taxidermy or shipping of trophies. Also not included are any fees for transportation or entry into parks/attractions off the ranch property.


Licenses are included as part of you daily rates – there is no additional charge.

Additional Trophy Fees

Blesbuck $550.00**
Black Wildebeest $1100.00**
Bushpig $725.00
Cape Bushbuck $825.00
Caracal $425.00
Duiker - Southern $425.00
Eland – Cape $2400.00
Gemsbok $1350.00*
Impala - Southern $500.00**
Kudu – Cape $1600.00*
Nyala $2550.00*
Ostrich $550.00
Reedbuck – Common $1100.00
Reedbuck – Mountain $625.00
Red Hartebeest $1200.00


Waterbuck - Common $2400.00
Vaal Reedbuck $1250.00
Zebra – Burchells $1300.00
Zebra – Cape Mountain $3000.00

Other animals are available but will require travel to other racnhes in the area. Please inquire about specifics of other animals and pricing well in advance.

* These animals require a 7 day safari minimum
**Hunters can shoot two males of these species - all other species are one male per client

Please be aware that any animal that is injured in any way is considered fatally wounded and will be charged at full price.

To Book a Hunt or for More Information

Contact: Dan Goodenow
Phone: 248-613-7549
Email: dgoodenow@jimshockey.com

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