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There are many locations around the world where the trophy quality is excellent, the lodging is great and the outfitters know how to do their job - unfortunately finding a place where all three of these come togteher is no easy task. The locations listed below are areas where my team and I have personally put our feet on the ground and have enough confidence iin their ability to show you a great time to give them our recommendation.

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New Mexico Elk

Eva - Quinlan ElkThis is a ranch based hunt in the famed Chama Valley of northern New Mexico. The lodging is super comfortable and the hunting on the private 17,000 acre free range ranch is spectacular. Whether you are looking for an archery hunt in the peak of the rut or a late season rifle hunt when hundreds of elk are streaming out of the mountains of Colorado, this is the place to be. If you are looking for a great chance at a nice 6x6 elk at a reasonable price, you've found your destination.

Archery hunts start September 1st and run until Sept 22nd and cost $6750-$7750 depending on the time of season. Rifle hunts begin October 1st and run through November 20th and cost $7750 to $8250 depending on the time of season.

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Contact Dan Goodenow at 248-613-7549 or dgoodenow@jimshockey.com


New Zealand - Red Stag and Tahr

Ron Marburger - NZ StagIf you've never visted the South Pacific, you are missing out on some of the most beautiful scenery in the world as well as some outstanding hunting. Our partner on the South Island of New Zealand has huge red stags as well as the best free range, foot based tahr hunting anywhere in the world. Combine that with a beautiful lodge and the most friendly people in the world and you have a hunting trip of a lifetime.

Hunts begin in mid-March and run through early August each season. Pricing varies depending on species taken and size of the stag.

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Hawaii - Multiple Species

Taylor - HawaiiCould there be anything better than heading over to Hawaii for a little surf, sun and relaxation? The answer is "yes" - head over to Hawaii for a little surf, sun, relaxation - and HUNTING! While not know by many people, Hawaii boasts a wide variety of hunting possibilites ranging from free range axis deer to high country mouflon sheep as well as other species such as boar, Hawaiin Ibex, Spanish goats and Rio Grande turkeys. Whether you are looking to add a few days of hunting to a beach vacation or make an entire trip out of island hopping for different species, Hawaii has some seriously fun hunting available for those willing to make the flight over.

Hunts run year round and and prices vary depending on the number of days and species hunted.


Contact Dan Goodenow at 248-613-7549 or dgoodenow@jimshockey.com