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Free range red stag and wingshooting (other species available as well - see bottom of page)


This hunt takes place in the LaPampa district of Argentina for free range red stag and world famous Argentina wing shooting. Clients will be in Argentina for the peak week of the red stag roar, which is something that every hunter should experience at some point in their career. In addition to the red stag and wing shooting, clients will also have the chance for a variety of other big game species, the most exciting of which is their free range water buffalo which challenge Africa’s famous cape buffalo for size, tenacity and adrenaline pumping danger (see additional species at end for more information).

Marburger Stag

Lodging and Food

The lodging is first class with private double rooms for the clients and a main lodge with a bar, internet access, etc. The cooking is out of this world and if you are a red wine aficionado, you may never come home! Normally a small breakfast is cooked before heading out into the field and then a large mid day lunch is served (along with a siesta afterwards!) and then a large formal meal after the evening hunt. Beer and private house wine are included as part of the package.

Terrain and Hunting Style

The terrain in the LaPampa district is easy for anyone in decent shape to hunt with gently rolling hills and flat plains. The stag hunting is normally conducted very early in the morning and late in the evening when the stags are roaring the loudest. After hearing a mature stag roar, you and your guide will get the wind in your favor and make a stalk by following his roaring. Shots will tend to be in brush/forest areas although they sometimes come out into the open grassy areas when stags head there to chase the hinds (females). Blackbuck tend to hang out in the open areas, much like other members of the antelope family and can be hunted any time of the day. If you choose to go after the water buffalo, they can be found in everything from the open grassland to the thickest parts of the forest. If you happen to get into a herd in the thick forest, you will be in for one of the most exciting stalks of your hunting career as these buffalo are every bit as dangerous as the famous cape buffalo of Africa.


The temperatures in Argentina vary widely throughout the day, so layered clothing is a must. Temperatures can be in the mid 30’s in the morning and rise to the mid 80’s during the day, so bring clothes that can handle a wide variety of temperatures. Many of the bushes have thorns in that part of the world, so clothing that is scratch resistant is a plus, as long as it isn’t loud to walk in. A complete list of recommended gear will be sent to you upon booking your hunt.


Clients will fly over night from either Atlanta or Dallas to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Upon landing you will clear customs, register your firearms and then catch a private ground transport to the camp. Once you book your trip with us, we will get you all the details required to handle the gun importation and travel for this trip.

Cunningahm Buffalo

Guns and Ammunition

Rifles chambered in .270 Winchester or larger using premium bullets are recommended for the stag and most of the other animals available but if you plan on going after a water buffalo a .300 Win Mag is required at minimum and bigger is better (keep in mind that these buffalo are bigger than Cape Buffalo and most African countries require a .375 as the minimum for these huge bovines).


6 day / 7night hunt. 2015 dates are as follows:

  • March 2nd through 9th – Archery Only
  • March 9th through 16th – Archery and Rifle (beginning of roar)
  • March 16th through 23rd – Rifle (peak roar)

For travel planning purposes you will need to add at least one day to either side of the hunt for international travel. Additional dates may be available – call for availability.

Getting your trophies home

Trophies will be prepared for European mounts or caped for shoulder mounts in camp and boiled/salted. You will need to have a US import broker lined up to handle your trophies and then ultimately have them sent to your taxidermist. We recommend having this lined up well in advance and bringing laminated tags for your skulls and capes with your importer and taxidermist’s addresses.

Cost (all prices in USD)

$6,400 for 1x1 guiding on one red stag and one day of wing shooting with 500 rounds of shotgun shells, a rental shotgun and a dedicated bird boy. Licenses for red stag and wing shooting are included in the package price. 6 full days of hunting are included (5 days of big game hunting and 1 day of wing shooting) and clients who wish to big game hunt exclusively can forego the wing shooting and hunt big game 6 full days if desired. Additional shotgun shells are available for $14/box of 25. Additional days of wing shooting are available if you finish your big game hunting early for $70/day for a bird pick-up boy and $60/day for shotgun rental ($130 total) plus the cost of additional shells. Please bring a blank check to pay for extra trophies or additional services at the conclusion of your hunt. Observers are welcomed at $1750 each. Please note that there is also a $140 fee for 10 yr “VISA” into Argentina which you must register for online in advance of the trip (details on this process will be provided once you book your trip). There is also a $300 Argentine Pesos (roughly $100 USD) for a temporary import license for each rifle or shotgun brought into the country.


A 50% deposit is required to hold dates. The remaining 50% is due 90 days before the start of your trip. All deposits are non-refundable for any reason. Requests for date changes once deposits have been paid will only be honored solely at our discretion and are subject to a 10% processing fee.


All deposits and balances paid are completely non-refundable in whole or in part for any reason including but not limited to: illness, injury, flight delays, unforeseen loss of income, early departure, late arrival, business emergencies, family emergencies, etc. Please also be aware that any animal that is injured in any way is considered fatal and will be charged at full price.


All lodging, food and beverages while hunting (beer and premium Malbec wine included), transportation from Santa Rosa airport to the lodge, professional hunting guides, and field preparation of animals.

Not included

International transportation to Buenos Aires and domestic connection to Santa Rosa, any overnight hotels required coming or going to camp, gun importation fees (roughly $120 USD per gun), rifle rental ($70/day plus ammunition), tips, trophy shipment or taxidermy.


Licenses are included for a red stag and wingshooting. Licenses for additional animals are $150 per animal up to 4 animals - no additional fees for the 5th animal and beyond.

Additional Trophy Fees

Red Stag
Blackbuck antelope
Axis Deer
Fallow Deer
Water Buffalo
European Wild Boar
European Mouflon Ram
Hybrid Mouflon Ram
Hybrid Dorset Ram
Karakul Ram
Scottish Black Face Ram
Somalia Ram
Multi-horned Ram
Feral Goat

* A red stag deer is included in your package. The prices here are for additional animals over and above the red stag.

* Caping, provincial export tags and "dip and pack" are and additional $350 per animal up to 3 animals and $250 each for the 4th and beyond.

* Licenses for additional species are $150 each up to 4 total animals – no additional cost for animals after the 4th animal.

For example if you shoot a blackbuck antelope, the total cost is $1,500 trophy fee plus $350 for caping, export tags and “dip and pack” plus $150 for a license = $2,000 total

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To book a hunt or find more information: 

Contact: Dan Goodenow

Phone: 248-613-7549

Email: dgoodenow@jimshockey.com

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