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Alaskan Reindeer HuntsSpecies

Trophy reindeer ranging from 350 SCI to 500 SCI


These hunts take place in the Aleutian from late September to early November. The animals were introduced from Siberia in the early 1900’s as a food source for local villagers and roam freely on the islands. Hunting will be conducted from the main lodge using ATV’s to get to the field and then stalking on foot for trophies. In some cases, a remote spike camp may be used depending on the location of the herd relative to the lodge. After the conclusion of the hunt on Umnak Island, some clients will have the chance to pursue unique sea ducks (Aleutian Teal and Harlequin are resident ducks and Eurasian Widgeon may be seen depending on weather and migration). It is extremely important to note that this unique hunting adventure is only possible due to coordination with an organization that helps develop the Aleutian Islands for the benefit of the native citizens. In all cases, hunters are expected to show the native citizens and their customs respect.

Lodging and Food

The main lodging is very comfortable with electricity, hot water, TV, etc.  and we have home cooked meals for breakfast and dinner with lunch in the field while we hunt. If you end up spiking out, you may end up in either a tent or small remote cabin that we have constructed about 25 miles from the main southern camp on Umnak.

Terrain and Hunting Style

The terrain is generally rolling hills which are fairly easy to traverse, however there are some deep ravines and areas near the mountain where walking is a bit more difficult. The ground is covered in long grass and some broken rocks – there are no trees or bushes of any kind which gives the islands their unique “stark” look. Each day you will go out into the field via ATV and glass for animals and once a trophy reindeer is located you will make the final stalk on foot. Hunters should be prepared for long rides on ATV’s (sometimes 20-30 miles per day) over variable terrain. The stalking part of the hunt can be quite challenging or fairly easy depending on where the animal is located and what the herd is doing. The more conditioning you can do in advance of your trip the better off you will be if you end up in a scenario where a trophy animal is difficult to approach.


The weather that makes it so difficult to get to this island can also make staying comfortable challenging. You should come prepared to deal with high winds, heavy rain and temperatures in the 30-50 degree range. Warm clothes that can be layered according to constantly changing conditions are a must. Commercial rain gear is also required – Gortex and other rain repellant gear that is good enough in most other environments will not make the cut in this part of the world. We recommend Helly Hansen Impertech II rain gear or some other commercial grade, heavy duty rain parka and bibs (here’s a good test to see if your rain gear can cut it – put it on and have someone spray you at close range with your garden hose for about 5 minutes – if you are still dry, it is good enough!). Hunters should also bring waterproof hiking boots with good ankle support and stiff, heavily lugged treads as well as a good pair of binoculars for glassing. A full list of recommended equipment will be sent out to clients once we receive your deposit.


Once you book your trip with us, we will give you all the details regarding flights and travel. Hunters will arrive in Anchorage via commercial flights and then fly out to the islands on a private charter that we organize.  It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance for both the hunting trip and the flights. We have a relationship in place with an insurance agent who has put together a travel insurance policy specifically tailored for this trip – we will get you the information to purchase this policy once you book a trip with us.

Mother nature reigns supreme in this part of the world – you must be prepared to deal with delays and changing plans depending on the weather. Days lost to inclement weather are not refunded, nor can the hunting trip be extended – this must be clearly understood before booking. Clients must be willing to accept that they could not only lose hunting days going into camp, but also lose days coming home from camp due to Mother Nature (i.e. don’t plan any important meetings at work on the week you are supposed to go home!).

Guns and Ammunition

Rifles chambered in .270 Winchester or larger using premium bullets are recommended. Rifles with synthetic stocks and stainless steel barrels are highly recommended – the weather in the Aleutians is exactly what those types of rifles were designed for. We also take a fair number of bow hunters each season and have good success rates but archers must be prepared for high winds and open terrain with limited cover which makes hunting very challenging.


7 day hunts (6 full days in the field) begin in late September and run until early November. Please call to inquire about exact dates and availability.

Getting your Trophy Home

Hunters will bring their frozen capes and antlers back to Anchorage with them at the conclusion of their hunt on the private charter. A representative from Knights Taxidermy will meet you when you arrive in Anchorage and take the capes and antlers for final taxidermy at their location or expediting to another taxidermist based on the hunter’s wishes. All costs for final fleshing, salting, skull boiling, expediting and/or taxidermy are the responsibility of the hunter and will be billed to clients by Knights.

Other Considerations

We have exclusive marketing rights to the island for non-native hunters, but native citizens can hunt anywhere on the island. It is highly unlikely that you will ever see another hunter in the field, but you must understand that they have every right to be there. Should you encounter another native hunter while you are in the field, your guide will do everything in his power to make sure that there is no negative impact on your trophy hunting.

Cost (all prices in USD)

$11,500 USD for one trophy reindeer with 2x1 guiding and duck hunting (if available). Also included are all accommodations, food, beverages (non-alcoholic), transportation to/from island airports and trophy caping. Please note that if you shoot at and wound an animal efforts will be made to recover the animal, but the hunt is considered to be finished. Hunters who wish to duck hunt should can either bring their own shotgun or use on of the lodge guns we have available. Observers are welcomed at $4500.00 per hunt.


A 50% deposit is required to hold dates. The remaining 50% is due June 1st on the year of your hunt. All deposits are non-refundable for any reason. Requests for date changes once deposits have been paid will only be honored solely at our discretion and are subject to a 10% processing fee.


All deposits and balances paid are completely non-refundable in whole or in part for any reason including but not limited to: illness, injury, flight delays, unforeseen loss of income, early departure, late arrival, business emergencies, family emergencies, etc. Also, please be aware that any animal that is injured in any way is considered fatal and will be charged at full price.


All lodging, food and beverages while hunting (there is no alcohol in camp, hunters must bring their own if desired), transportation from island airport to the lodge or bunkhouse, professional hunting guides, and field preparation of animals.

Not included

Commercial or charter flights to Umnak or Atka from Anchorage, flights into Anchorage, any overnight hotels required coming or going to camp (minimum one night in Anchorage or Dutch Harbor and possibly others if stranded due to weather), licenses, tips, trophy shipment or taxidermy.


Licenses are not required for the reindeer hunting as the animals are privately owned by the native citizens of the islands. Hunters interested in duck hunting can purchase their Alaskan licenses online from the Alaska Fish and Game website.

To Book a Hunt or for More Information

Contact: Dan Goodenow
Phone: 248-613-7549
Email: dgoodenow@jimshockey.com

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