Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures


Jim Shockey

1. Current count on number of different countries in which Jim has hunted?

38 countries and counting… Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay (2-times), Peru (3-times), Australia (2-times), New Zealand, New Kaledonia (2-times), Scotland, England, Spain (4-times), Romania (2-times), Slovenia (2-times), Finland, Sweden (2-times), Macedonia, Turkey (4-times), China, Ajerbajain, Iran (2-times), Nepal, Pakistan, Krgystan, Tajikistan, Russia, Mongolia (2-times), South Africa (4-times), Namibia (3-times), Tanzania (5-times), Cameroon (3-times), Zambia, Botswana, Ghana, Ethiopia (3-times), Central African Republic, Uganda, Congo

2. Current count on number of different species Jim has harvested?

290 species recognized by the Weatherby Foundation.

3. This figure includes how many world records?

88 (Eighty-eight) current World Records for SCI and 372 total record book entries (this number is low because at any one time, Jim has around 20 more species that are waiting to get scored) and 62 Photo Entries.

4. And how many slams?

Africa 15, North America 12, Asia 8, South Pacific 8, South America 9, European 12, Africa Big Five, Dangerous Game of Africa, African 29, Grand Slam Whitetailed deer, North American 29, North American Deer, North American Caribou, Elk of North America, North American Wild Sheep, European Deer, South American Slam of Indigenous Animals, Bears of the World, Cats of the World, Moose of the World (All of those are for SCI).

Jim has also taken the Super Slam, Ultimate Slam, Grand Slam of Sheep, World Slam of Sheep, World Slam of Goats, Triple Slam (goats and sheep) and Super 20 (goats of the world) and Jim has taken every one of the SCI Inner Circles at the Diamond level.

For the Longhunter Society, Jim has three current world records: muskox, polar bear and mountain goat.

And finally, 13 Boone and Crockett ALL TIME RECORD BOOK SPECIES taken with muzzleloader and ONE official world record (muskox) for B&C.

5. What are all of the awards from SCI?

  • International Hunting Award 2012
  • Professional Hunter Award 2009
  • C.J. McElroy Award 2009
  • Pinnacle of Achievement Award, Zenith Award, Crowning Achievement Award, World Hunting Award 2011
  • World Conservation & Hunting Award 2012

6. Which Outdoor Channel, Golden Moose Awards?

  • 2009: "Best Overall Production" and "Best Blooper" for Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
  • 2010: "Best Overall Production", "Best Sound Design" and "Fan Favorite Best New Series" for The Professionals "Best Big Game" for Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
  • 2011: "Best Videography" for The Professionals and "Best Adventure Television Award" for Jim Shockey
  • 2012: "Best Videography", "Best Sound Design" and "Best Overall Production" for The Professionals